Injection Mounding

We are very proud to introduce the newest addition to Paktool’s range of services, our plastic injection moulding department.  We have the capability to mould any component up to a maximum weight of 500g. We can mould in any of the standard injection moulding materials available, colour matched to your requirements.  We can use your existing moulding dies or we can manufacture new dies.  We can design and manufacture new dies starting with nothing more than a sample part or drawing. Our expertise in this field is based on more than 30 years’ experience manufacturing many different moulds.    

Our expert 3D CAD designers make short work of modelling a virtual mould complete with flow and cooling analysis to ensure efficiency in the moulding process. Our toolmakers then produce the mould and moulding work is done in-house.

Why choose Paktool ?  Our integrity is sound – you get what we promise. Our quality is superior. We do it right first time. Our rates are competitive.


If you would like to find out more about Paktool Engineering, please contact us!

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